Each participant continues to operate their site(s) as an independent marketer;
establishing their own pricing structure, marketing plan, and distribution of cards.
Each site in the network has, in addition to the participant's signage, a common,
network-wide sign and dispenser identification.

(Click here to see Canadian Procedures.)

All participants' customers have the ability to use the sites of all other participants. When using a CFN FleetWide card, customers have the ability to use Fuelman sites and the CFN Network.
Therefore, all participants greatly extend their marketing area and convenience to their customers.

CFN processes and settles Domestic, Remote and Foreign transactions.

Participants bill their own customers for purchases throughout the network. Individual customers of each participant are treated as such, and are not customers of CFN.

Participants designate the closest supply terminal to each of their sites and receive a freight allowance based on the distance between the two.

CFN receives the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) average rack price for each of these designated terminals daily.

Participants charge the network OPIS Rack Average + haul allowance + applicable taxes + $.08* (8 cents) per gallon for each foreign transaction at his sites (credits).

Participants pay the network OPIS Rack Average + haul allowance + applicable taxes + $.08* (8 cents) per gallon for each remote transaction of his customers (debits).

CFN is a clearinghouse for these transactions. Each participant will receive from the network a statement every 10 days. This statement will net out credits (foreign transactions at your site) and debits (remote transactions by your customers at other sites) and all transaction fees.

Terms between the participants and CFN are net 10 days from date of statement; therefore, CFN initiates Corporate Funds Transfer between itself and each participant approximately 10 days from date of statement.

Participants are charged transaction fees as follows:


CFN 4.0

Remote Transaction

$.35 per transaction + $.0035/gal.

Foreign Transaction


Domestic Transaction

$.0060/gal. up to 200,000
$.0050/gal. from 200,001 to 400,000
$.0040/gal. from 400,001 to 600,000
$.0025/gal. above 600,000

Card Status Update

$.40 per update

Emergency Lockout

$.40 per update

Statement Processing Fee

$15 per statement
(3 per month)

CFN Software Support

$180 per month


Communication Fees (All Participants) Effective Upon Activation

Option 1: Land Lines (Network Carrier TNS)
CFN will charge the Participant who owns the site $55 per month port connection charge plus $.05 per transaction.

In most cases, two data-grade telephone circuits (dedicated lines) from your local telephone carrier are required for each site controller.

Site Controller: Vendors recommended one authorization modem per site controller. (Contact site controller manufacturer for modem).

Option 2: VSAT (Network Carrier Hughes Network Systems - HNS)
CFN will charge the Participant who owns the site $125 per month VSAT connection charge. Each VSAT can provide network connection for two similarly configured site controllers.

There is no variable cost per transaction for VSAT sites.

CFN will charge the Participant a one-time purchase price of $4,300 for each VSAT, should the Participant elect to purchase the VSAT.

Site Communication Cost Summary Charged by CFN:


One Time Charge

Monthly Charge

Land Line


$55 per site + $.05 per transaction


$4,300 per site

$125 per site



$55 per site

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